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NGINX: switching from Debian to packages

More than once, while I was managing websites served by nginx on Debian, I needed features which were not available yet in the Debian packages — right now, current stable nginx version is 1.16, while Debian only provides 1.10-ish, which lacks for example some stream features which I want to use. Conveniently enough, Nginx provides repositories for Debian 9 and 10, offering packages of the latest stable and mainline releases of nginx. Now, you would […]

A summary TODO list for securing a small WordPress website

This post contains a summary TODO list for securing a WordPress site. If you set up a WordPress site, feel free to go through this list and apply as many of its items as you like. Also, if you think of some advice which isn’t here, or have remarks about what’s present here, just comment them. Use unique and unguessable passwords Way too many people use weak passwords: passwords which are too short (like qwerty […]