Available material

Ok, so what can we gather from the Web about the WRT54GL?

Well, for starters, Linksys provides an archive in their GPL Code Center for it, as they do for other versions of the WRT54 which are all based on Linux except the (in)famous WRT54G(S)v5, WRT54GSv5.1 and WRT54G(S)v6 which are VxWorks-based (but can nevertheless be brought back from the dark side of the Source).

Then, there are numerous other firmwares for WRTs. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but DD-WRT and OpenWRT come to mind.

However this does not cover it all. For one thing, there's the bootloader, based on Broadcom's CFE. It's not included in either the Linksys or the alternate firmware distribution. Linksys could have distributed it, as per Broadcom's license for it, but they did not. Broadcom does, however, but their releases do not contain explicit support for the WRT hardware.

So we have some sources for learning as much as we can from the WRT hardware and software. Let's dive deep into each of those sources.