Welcome to Tweaky! (updated)

This site was created because:

  1. I like to tinker a lot with whatever I own,
  2. I dislike not to be able to tinker when I should,
  3. I like to talk with no one interrupting me for petty reasons such as the fact they'd like to talk too,
  4. Maybe even, someone could find the info useful.

So here you'll find many things related to fiddling with equipment that was not necessarily intended to be fiddled with, and if I know anything on Drupal (the web site creation tool that I use for Tweaky), you should see a list of the books available here below this message.

Feel free to browse Tweaky. If you see anything that you would want corrected, send me an e-mail!

UPDATE: note that Tweaky progresses in an highly quantic way: no one can predict when, and in which part of it, the next progress will show up :). Itry to update the front page with the latest news, but keep an eye on the books themselves, just in case I forget. If time permits, I'll try and make an automated log of all edits, but don't hold your breath.