Looking into the ED Mini partitions

LaCie finally provided me with some info, and that concurred with my own findings regarding the SATA disk partitioning.

sda1 is a logical partion holding sda5 to sda9

sda5 is the swap
sda6 contains the kernel as a raw u-boot image (no filesystem)
sda7 looks like the initrd (initial root filesystem)
sda8 looks like the actual root file system.
sda9 is used for snapshots and patches.

sda2 is the actual storage for user data.

Initially you could think that sda7 is an initrd and sda8 is the actual root fs. But a quick look at sda8's /etc/fstab file shows sda7 as being '/', so I conclude that sda7 is the real root fs and pulls sda8 in using unionfs somehow. Now to make this sure we need to dive into sda7.

There are 224 files on sda7, of which 42 are directories, 23 are regular files, 12 are block devices, 4 are character devices, and 143 are symlinks.

Of the symlinks, 140 are commands in bin and sbin symlinked to busybox, and 3 are library symlinks (where an X.Y version points to the actual X.Y.Z version).

The 23 regular files on sda7 are:


I'm not going to dig too deep in the file system as such, though there's a lot to be said (anyone fancy a /sbin/init shell script the last line of which invokes /sbin/init?) but suffice it to say that sda7 deals with whatever snapshot and patch management is needed, then somehow we end up with the content of sda8 maped to '/'.

Now sda8 has 2300+ files in it, and it"s almost 11PM, and I've had enough for today. You'll have to wait for the rest.