Tweaking the LaCie ED Mini V2 (old book)

The LaCie ED Mini Gigabit (aka ED Mini V2) is an Ethernet + slave USB disk that I've bought in hopes that I could use USB for accessing the files from my multimedia box and Ethernet for managing these files, all at the same time. Alas, my box expects USB Mass Storage, and the EDMiniV2, unusually for USB disks, offers CDC Ethernet instead. But as the EDMiniV2 is Linux-based, it should be feasible to get it to support USB Mass Storage, right?

So here we go.

UPDATE: actually LaCie did more than provide the tarballs. It took some discussion but basically, they have provided a way to recompile the kernel (actually the config name, which is "db88f5182_EDMV2_config"), and acknowledged what I'd already suspected from looking into the SATA disk: the Linux kernel is on /dev/sda6, as a raw u-boot image.