The ED Mini Gibabit is an external disk with Gigabit Ethernet (hence the name) and slave USB connectors.

I chose it because it has the slave USB, as I was looking for a USB Mass Storage device with an additional fast link.

Guess what: the ED Mini behaves as a USB Ethernet, not a USB Mass Storage, device.

Never mind I say as I discover this: it's GPL-based, let's just modify it.

The problem is, LaCie is not on par with Linksys as far as GPL compliance is.

Oh yes, I got the GPL source for the GPL binaries that are in the ED Mini; but I did not get the userland management code (that's fair: it is not required to be GPL), nor did I get the scripts needed to build and install the GPL sw (and GPLv2 says those scripts should be there).

So here I am, with a collection of tarballs.

Let's get to work, then.