Patch the kernel, man!

Long time no see again, you know by now I don't update often--I need real news to feel the need to add something to this site. And news I have, but still, I took my own time...

For some time already the Marvell folks have contributed support for their SoCs to the Linux kernel. And recently, kernel 2.6.28 was published, which contains a commit by Chris (and to a lesser extent, myself) to add support to the Marvell-based ED Mini!

The commit is there:

This means you can build a Linux kernel for the ED Mini, and it'll boot. :)

However it does not support everything yet, most notably USB slave is missing. I'm trying to find some time working on that right now.

Also, we have a kernel now but installing a complete linux distribution is no piece of cake at the moment. I personally went through most of Debian's install process, only to fail near the end for some reason.

But the point is: no need to re-use LaCie's code. I'll keep it around of course, if only as a reference or if you absolutely want to rebuild it because you can't wait for USB gadget to work on 2.6.28.

See you soon!