Summary of the u-boot patches

Here are the patches I made against LaCie's u-boot source tarball. You can find a patch file (cd uboot-lacie; patch -p1 < patchfile) as an attachment below.

File Patch
board/mv88fxx81/Board/boardEnv/DB_88FXX81/mvBoardEnvSpec.h Change BOOT device bus width from 8 to 16
board/mv88fxx81/Board/flash/mvAmdFlash.c Add support for Macronix in unlock, erase and program functions
board/mv88fxx81/Board/flash/mvAmdFlash.h Add device ID for Macronix MX29LV400CBCT
board/mv88fxx81/Board/flash/mvFlash.c Add support for Macronix and MX29LV400CBCT in reset, erase and program functions
board/mv88fxx81/Board/flash/mvFlashCom.c Add support for Macronix and MX29LV400CBCT in console messages
board/mv88fxx81/USP/mv_main.c Changed wrong machine type from 526 to 1756 (ED Mini) and added a mach_type envirnoment variable to allow overriding during boot
examples/Makefile Fixed rules which break with make 3.81
include/configs/db88f5181.h Enabled "bdinfo" command
lib_arm/armlinux.c Added support to take mach_type's value into account if modified between power-up and bootm
Makefile Added removal of temp files created by examples/Makefile fix
uboot-lacie-aa-patch.patch11.89 KB